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Sales CRM

CRM (Custmer Relationship Management) Software helps businesses track and manage customer interactions in a single solution. Without proper CRM system, your client information will be everywhere and unable to track properly, that’s why Millennia Global Soft Pvt Ltd developed CRM Software for CRM Sales and CRM Service.

Right1CRM developed on the next-generation customer engagement platform. If you’re finding it hard to manage sales and customer relations, it’s time you upgrade to Right1CRM

RIGHT1CRM lets you better in identifying a sales lead with lead tracking and other tools that offer visibility on all available sales opportunities.”

Lead Management System

Update your Leads and Enquiry details into Right1ERP CRM Master after generating leads from your sources such as Calls, Messages, Emails, Website Forms and other Lead Sources.

Leads is nothing but receiving enquires with basic information through lead sources. Sales CRM helps you to track your leads with the software without missing out the followup.

Regularly following up with the lead, the lead will convert into enquiry with additional details and requirement from the customer and customer details.

Right1CRM provides the complete report for the leads generated and enquires received for the specified date and enquiry generated report.

The best part in our Customer Relationship Management software is you can import and export your database with Microsoft Excel.

sales crm
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Sales Management

You can Plan and Assign Leads to the Sales Person and track the leads and enquires assigned the sales person easily with our sales crm software.

Following up with the enquiry is very easy with our Right1CRM software because our software will notify o your dashboard you without missing and loosing the enquiry.

After assigning the enquires to the sales person, you can easily track and monitor the status of the enquiry even your sales person is not available.

After following up with the client, you can check the status of your enquiry and our sales CRM software track your inventory and inform you the availability of the stock.

Right1CRM Software automatically generate the quotation after you entering the details in the enquiy page. You just need to click a button to create the quotation.

After sending the quotation you can check the status of your quotation and notify you the expiry of the quotation to remind your customer.

Get the completed report of your enquiry and quotation status to track with your client with our sales CRM software.

Reports & Status

Get the complete reports of your Leads generated from your Lead Sources with our sales crm software.

You can check the enquiries generated, completed and pending status from Right1CRM software

Get the complete list of your salesperson Followup details and you can track the status of the enquiry from the client.

Get the pending Followup details with the priority wise and notify you on the day of followup required with the client. That helps you not to loose the track of your customer.

Check your quotations sent details and status of your quotation details and pending status of you quotations.

You will get the total enquiry value generated from your enquires.

You also can check the orders lost or missing orders from your enquires and can track in future use.

You will get the complete report of your completed enquiry details and track the delivery details of your client’s requirement.

CRM Reports

Sales CRM Features


CRM Master

In CRM Master you can save details of your products and services and client details. This helps you to access the data in future without repetition.


Enquiry Management

You can plan, assign and track the enquiries of the sales person and it is easy to manage multiple enquiries using Right1CRM solution.


Quotation Management

Right1CRM solution has in-built quotation management feature that helps you to track and monitor with the client's enquiry.


Lead Generation

Generate the leads through calls, email, messages and other sources, you can easily track and followup with the clients without missing them.


Enquiry Folowups

Followup with Right1CRM is easy compared to other solutions, because our solution will notify you with the priority followup every day.


Reports & Analytics

Right1CRM dashboard provides you the detailed report of every enquiry, quotaion and followup reports. Also, provide you total enquiry value report, order closed report and order losed report too.

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