Enterprise Resource Planning FOR SME Industries

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the growing industries in both economic and also in employment growth. But the SMEs are facing many challenges for the business development, in this type of competitive market situations the organizations should seek long term success by achieving challenges in the business.

The practical adoption of managing with suitable Enterprise Resource Planning solutions – implementations among SMEs , will contribute to the operational excellence in their business. Enterprise Resource Planning software used to plan and manage all the core supply chain, CRM, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes of an organization. 

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Right1ERP Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a systematic process of ordering, storing and using a company’s inventory which includes warehouse management. 

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Software gives you complete support to handle your Purchase Order, Vendor Invoice, Payments and other options that made your work simpler and faster.

Inventory Management is the best option in our Software, because GRN will automatically collect the data from the purchase order and serial number of the product.

Once the GRN process is completed, it will generate UID for each product that helps us to track the status of the product.

Our Right1ERP software will locate the product where we stored and that helps us to save the time.

Once we process the product delivery to the client our CRM option will track completely till the product delivered.

Right1ERP Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing is a series of actions that company needs to follow to satisfy the client’s requirement and purchase.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is inbuilt with our Enterprise Resource Planning software and that helps us to manage and track enquires and notify the follow up schedules without missing any lead.

Once we closed the enquiry process, our ERP software will notify the status to the concerned person for order processing with the client details & delivery details.

Once the order is processed our ERP System will automatically update the stock details after product delivery is processed.

sales order processing
assembling and quality control

Right1ERP Production & Quality Control

Production and Quality Control is a very important for every organization. Quality Control of  ERP system detects and removes the defected item from the inventory.

In Manufacturing Companies, Production planning and control is defined as a work process which our ERP Software will track from Material Request to Assembling the product.

Quality Control detecting and removing defects from the system and Quality Assurance mean plan and systematic approach to ensure the ERP system process.

Finished Goods is nothing but packing of the final output after processing the production, assembling and quality check with our ERP System

Right1ERP generates the Unique ID for each stock and labeling the product that helps to identify the stock after packing.

ERP System Dashboard Reports

Track and Monitor your company performance reports in a single Right1ERP dashboard, also you can view your reports in Mobile Application from anywhere.

Backtracking allows you to easily track the details from stock entry to delivery using unique barcode id generated by Right1ERP software.

Our software has the unique dashboard to check real-time reports and status of the users will be shown to admin to track easily in admin dashboard report.

Our software has different reports that can helps you to find the status and real-time reports instantly.

We developed a unique Mobile APP to check the status of Inventory, CRM, Sales Orders, Payments through your mobile from anywhere with single click.

erp dashboard

Our ERP System Work Flow

Our Right1ERP software is designed for any Trading / Distribution  Companies that desires a complete control over Sock levels, Order Processing , inventory tracking and most important of Accountability at user level with our ERP System.


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