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In today’s digital environment where business teams and employees can collaborate on important documents, spreadsheets, and enter important data from remote locations; Right1ERP software is most efficient when it’s utilized via the cloud.

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Some people are skeptical about cloud security, they think that cloud encryption isn’t secure enough or that it’s an easy target for hackers. In reality however, cloud ERP software provides solid security to businesses of all sizes. You never have to worry about data getting backed by a third party, as the system tracks all activity and fully encrypts data stored within the Right1ERP.

Real-time Analytics

One of the greatest benefits of cloud ERP software is access to real-time analytics. This allows companies to see important information as it becomes available, so you can rest easy knowing that the data you’re looking at is always relevant and up-to-date. Real-time analytics can help you when making critical business decisions and ensures process optimization.


Cloud ERP software also scales easily, as it adjusts the entire infrastructure to the necessary size for each stage in your development as a company. With onsite infrastructure, scaling can be a costly and complicated aspect of business, so the cloud just simplifies this entire process for you.


What’s great about the cloud is that as long as you have Internet access, all the data and information you need is readily available to you from any location, at any time. A cloud system stores and operates everything remotely, so even if employees are spread across the country they can still input data in real-time from any connectible device

Low Operating cost

We are providing Right1ERP solutions as a subscription model and the ERP system costs are reasonable and generally customized to work around your company’s budget.

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