In today  schedule default to getting real time data from the manpower resources in any organization or bussiness to eliminate this problem . We need to adapt a data capturing solution by using of “barcode” or “RFID technology “. this will ease the process and getting the real time data of any reconciliation of stock Reordering or back tracking of specific product or items. We Millennia Offering Customer



In today, any industry need to simplify the data capturing process. So, they do adapting Barcode technology solutions to help in cost cutting and Human error free quality output. So Barcode solutions has become un avoidable solutions / tool to migrate their manual processing in any industries.

“ Innovative Customized Solutions “ it’s our Millennia Group Vision, with the team of experienced technogicals and expertise of 28 year experiences in Business & Office Automations solutions technology knowledge,  we brings Technology, Solutions, Products and Support in single umbrella to cater customer needs by understanding of series of client requirements, Our Approaches is towards Productivity improvement.

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 Inventory-Stock Reconciliation:

inventory tracking and inventory management tools are important for today’s companies. having a targeted and comprahensive inventory tracking software can save businesses a lot of money , and help them pursue operations in a more successful way. below are just a few of major benefits thats come with implementing these modern inventory tracking solutions.

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Easily track all inventory in your sore and warehouse with inventory track. track stock level and get automatic restocking notification. scan manufacture barcodes or produce

  • Barcode labels directly from inventory track
  • Track stock level of your inventory
  • Receive automatic restock notofication
  • Use existing items labels or print your own
  • Manage inventory information recods
  • View activity  logs and reports


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Barcode Scanners