Trade & Brokerage Management Solution

Business Solution to Trade & Brokerage/Dalal House in to Agro Commodity business such as Food Grains, Beans, Pulses, Spices, Kernels, Oil Seeds & Lentils
brokerage management

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What is Trading and Brokerage?

Brokers/Traders perform a vital function in the market. They execute transactions such as the buying and selling of stocks on behalf of their clients. In return for this, they charge a brokerage commission.

A brokerage company acts as mediator to connect between Buyers and sellers to facilitate a contract transaction and monitor the shipment/transaction to be successfully completed, by which to avail a trading-brokerage commissions or charges from both parties.

Business Solution to Trade & Brokerage/Dalal House in to Agro Commodity business such as Food Grains, Beans, Pulses, Spices, Kernels, Oil Seeds & Lentils

Brokerage Current Operation Process:

A typical brokerage Agents/Houses still working on a traditional methods or depends on single man and maintain in excel forms or Ledgers, Challenges to get real time data’s on Sauda-Trade, Contracts, Delivery & Payments, it’s leads to consuming of more time, resources and frequent mistakes or human errors.

What is the Solution to overcome operational challenges?

You need a solution or tool to manage and track the data’s to get real time output to single or multiple users at a time. This will eliminate the challenges!

Right1ERP – Trade and Brokerage (TNB) Software

Millennia Global Soft Pvt. Ltd. has developed a unique Software exclusively for brokerage management companies. In our software, multiple modules and processes developed to manage from Trade – Sauda – Contract to Brokerage bill payments either single or multi transactions.

Also new way of WhatsApp and SMS messaging system is integrated in this application. You can track and monitor the complete trade cycle until the delivery is completed and seller & buyer payment details and brokerage bill also can be generated using this application.

Real-Time Dashboard

Here you can able to view the Real-Time Dashboard Reports of your all agents Trades and Re-Trades of your clients in a single window

Trade Ledger

Trades & Re-Trades

You can create a Trade and Re-Trade within the trade and you can track the delivery alerts through the WhatsApp and directly send to the Buyer and Seller


Our software has multiple options that can helps you to find the status and real-time reports instantly.

Trade Report

Benefits of T&B Software

  • User Friendly Interface & Easy Access
  • Save Time & Resources
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Built-in Contract Form
  • Inbuilt Tools & API Integration
  • Commodity Tracking & Monitoring
  • Dispatch & Payment Tracking
  • User Access Level control
  • Analytics & Reports

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