How Right1ERP helps for Small & Medium Industries?

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), the consolidated process of gathering and organizing business data through an integrated software suite. ERP software contains modules which automates business functions like inventory, production, sales, order processing, accounting, delivery and more.


What is Right1ERP?

Our Right1ERP software is designed for Manufacturing Industries, Trading & Distribution industries that desires a complete control over Inventory, Order Processing, Production, Delivery Management and Accountability.

Right1ERP is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software developed for Small and Medium Industries

ERP Software

Where to use Right1ERP?

An ERP system typically contains dashboards where users can look at real-time data collected from all across the business to measure productivity and profitability. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) uses a centralized database for various business processes to reduce manual labour and to simplify existing business workflows.

Enterprise resource solutions are used in Small Industries to Large Industries and also used across various industries. Some of the industries where small and large businesses use.

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Trading
  • Construction
  • Health Service and some other industries

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a systematic process of ordering, storing and using a company’s inventory which includes warehouse management. Automated inventory tracking is a commonly requested Right1ERP module. This tool can predict when an item will go out of stock and automatically reorder products based on this estimation. It may also provide recommendations as to which inventory items to place next to one another based on customer purchasing habits in order to streamline the distribution process.

  • Purchase
  • Storing
  • Delivering

Sales Order Processing

Sales order management module tracks orders from receipt to delivery. The sales order feature in Right1ERP software process the orders to the warehouse, distribution after customers place the order and tracks their status as they’re prepared, fulfilled and delivered to the customer. The order management module prevents orders from being lost and boosts on-time delivery.

  • Enquiry Management
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Support

Production & Quality Control

Production and Quality Control is a very important for every organization. Quality Control of  ERP system detects and removes the defected item from the inventory. Right1ERP process the systematic analysis of the product production and Quality Control of the product before processing the delivery. After the Production and Quality Check it process to the Labelling feature to track the product details in single scan.
  • Production
  • Quality Check
  • Finished Goods
  • Labelling

Dashboard Reports

Track and Monitor your company performance reports in a single ERP dashboard, also you can view your reports in Mobile Application from anywhere. After the process of Labelling Right1ERP assigns unique ID for each product before packing and delivery of the product. Using the unique ID we can track the product from the production process to delivery of the product. After all the process you can check the complete report of the product and delivery status.
  • Backtracking
  • Reports
  • Mobile APP Interface
  • Dashboard Reports

Benefits of Right1ERP?

  1. Enhanced Business Reporting - Real-Time Information
  2. Better customer service
  3. Improved Inventory Costs
  4. Cost Savings
  5. Better Data & Cloud Security
  6. Modernized Business Process Standardization
  7. Superior Supply Chain Management
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