What We Offer

Direct-to-Card (DTC®) printers are easy-to-use, reliable, and more affordable than ever, providing an even greater array of the premium features.

Create high-quality, visually rich ID badges on demand. Convenient and flexible options for producing high-quality credentials Protect against forgery of your secure IDs. Our card Printers, comes with additional security features that help ensure that your printed credentials cannot easily be replicated. printing module for printing additional company- or employee-specific information, such as a bar code or digital signature on the back of the card. Holographic or fluorescent (UV) over laminates provide a cost-effective, dynamic means of increasing card security and durability, too.



RFID Products we offer

Determining your card appearance needs involves deciding on single- or dual-sided card printing, full- or single-color printing, and desired image quality.

Single-Sided Printing

  • Can print on both sides if desired, but must run through twice. Works best if cards have fixed data on one side.
  • Some single-sided printers are upgradeable to dual-sided printing after initial purchase, but upgrade may cost more than dual-sided machine

Dual-Sided Printing

  • Dual-sided capability can cost approximately $600 to $1,000 more at initial purchase
  • Used for collating front/back ID data on cards

Monochrome (Single) Color

  • Less costly; typically used in specialized situations, such as integrating with a mainframe system
  • Also works well when using color ID cards, for example silver printing on a black ID card
  • Other than cost-savings and card design, there are no significant advantages to using a monochrome card printer

Full Color

  • Higher cost, but the most versatile and practical long-term choice
  • Any color printer can also use monochrome ribbons to print single-color images

Edge-to-Edge Photo Quality – Direct-to-Card Printers

  • Direct dye sublimation process uses thermal print head to transfer color from ribbon to card
  • Uses standard ribbon supplies
  • Prints photo-realistic colors, but images will have slight borders
  • Many of these cards look as good as borderless
  • Entry-level printers generally have lower print quality than professional-class printers

Borderless High Quality – Retransfer Printers

  • Best if image quality is primary concern
  • High-tech printing process
  • Requires extra retransfer ribbon
  • Offers higher durability and tamper resistant cards
  • Offers high-quality printing on uneven surfaces
  • Eliminates borders
  • More costly and slower to print