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CRM (Custmer Relationship Management) Software helps businesses track and manage customer interactions in a single solution. Without proper CRM system, your client information will be everywhere and unable to track properly, that’s why Millennia Global Soft Pvt Ltd developed CRM Software for CRM Sales and CRM Service.

Right1CRM developed on the next-generation customer engagement platform. If you’re finding it hard to manage sales and customer relations, it’s time you upgrade to Right1CRM

“A Support CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.”

Ticket Management System

Right1CRM is the Service CRM software helps you to manage all your service enquiries by generating tickets for service enquiries.

Support CRM helps you to manage and follow up with the client to know more about the requirement and update the status of the enquiry.

After creating the ticket for service, you can assign the product service to the particular person/department to handle the client.

The support person follow up / visiting the client to get the details and update into the service crm software to track the details.

support crm
service crm

Service Management

Once we received the product to service from the client, right1crm service GRN helps you to track details from received date to Delivered date in our service management software.

Our support crm software tracks the details of the status of the enquiry and reminds for the next follow up details to get in touch with client without missing from our service management software.

If the product is under warranty and we can file the RMA, our service CRM software will track the details from our service management software.

If the product is not under warranty, the service person follow up with the client and service the product for any additional replaceents required.

Stock Management

Right1CRM service CRM software will store all the spare parts, accessories details and track the stock details in and out from the inventory.

If any additional spares or accessories required we can directly request the spare for assigned ticket number from the support to inventory with our support crm software

once we got the approval for the spares request from inventory we can use the spare to the assigned ticket.

Our support crm software helps to transfer bult stock from inventory to support store.

crm service



Service Tracking

Right1CRM software helps to track and manage the service leads, follow up details and assign to the support staff.


Service Management

Service Management in our service crm software gives you complete reliable service from service GRN entry to service delivery without missing details helps to provide valuable service.


Fast & Reliable Service

Our Support CRM software provides you complete reliable service and notify the service requirements and manage the stock details.


On-Time Delivery

Using our Customer Relationship Management Software, you can track and monitor details and helps you to make your work faster and provide the service support on time.

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