Toshiba BA400 Series Barcode Label Printer

ba400 series
The Toshiba BA400 Series is the first in the next generation of products launched with an entirely new software platform. In this BA400 series barcode label printer, they launched four variants BA410T-GS, BA410T-TS, BA420T-GS and BA420T-TS. The new Toshiba BA400 series label printers offer high flexibility, simple integration and improved efficiency for an optimized work flow. Different models and a large range of connectivity options enable tailored business solutions for individual requirements.
The BA400 series barcode label printer comes with a wide range of features
  • User Interface : LCD Screen (graphic 128×64 dots), 2x LED, 3x keys
  • Emulation : ZPL II, SBPL
  • SDK : IOS, Android, Windows, Java
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
  • Memory : 128MB (FROM), 128MB (SRAM)
  • Max Print Speed : 203.2 mm/second (8ips)
New System Platform and Advanced Connectivity
The BA400 series barcode label printer is the evolving and next generation product that comes with completely new CPU and Operating System. This Platform increases the platform and also expand the BA400 series compatibility and adaptability.
Applications and Environments
Toshiba BA400 series barcode printers are available metal case as well as plastic case, different environments required different characteristics. That’s why Toshiba launched BA410 and BA420, The BA410 with its metal case is suited for rugged manufacturing environments, whereas the BA420 with its small footprints and plastic case suits the workplaces, such as an offices and retail shops.
RFID Encoding
Toshiba’s BA400 series barcode printers unique RFID technology is now incorporated into this product series, opening a wide-range of new applications across multiple markets. The BA400 series offers solutions that are usually reserved for industrial printers only.
Mobility and Connectivity
The new OS platform meets the increasing requirements of mobile operators. We can easily use their mobile handheld devices to print, customize, and monitor the BA400 series. NFC pairing enables fast Bluetooth connection. The dual Wi-Fi module option for 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz wireless networks ensures exceptionally broad and reliable connections.
Why Toshiba BA400 Series?
  • Industrial Label Printing Solution.
  • Print 5000+ Labels per day
  • NFC pairing for on-demand connections via Bluetooth.
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) for improved wireless network connectivity.
  • Print language emulation ensures compatibility and easy integration into complex IT systems.
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